Jodi Jill has been honored at the opportunity to be the keynote speaker for conferences and non-profit events, Her talks have also been delivered to smaller civic groups, social groups and even living room PTA meetings. Sharing her inspiring message, she is has presented to standing room only crowds and smaller groups with equal enthusiasm as she shares her message.

Topics and Presentations

Living In Literacy

Sharing her journey of life without books, Jodi's presentation offers a look at words in a very personal way. Giving a glimpse of her time living in a storage unit as a child, her revelation of the power of words and her drive to be a successful adult, this inspirational talk grabs attendees as they hear about her amazing life.

Her Living In Literacy discussion includes how she learned to read at library, how she survived living in such an odd way and what makes her so blessed as she sees success today. Perfect for groups looking for inspirational speakers to fire up audiences.

Talk time is catered to group.

Life Outside the Box

We all live in boxes. Some of us feel trapped at a job. Others have situations which make us unhappy. In Life Outside the Box, Jodi Jill offers audiences a perspective on what it means to break out of our individual boxes and set out sights on going for our dreams.

Living in an area the size of a one car garage, Jodi Jill was definitely in a box the majority of her childhood. But there was more. Unable to read and understand basic things, her box was emotional too.  Finding a way out of her box, she hopes to inspire others to engage in their dreams. The talk offers ideas, tips and tricks to let any box go and start following dreams.

Talk time is catered to group.


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