About Jodi Jill

Jodi Jill is a keynote speaker, professional writer, an author and a syndicated columnist. Her love of words comes from her background and her lack of education as a child. Approaching life differently, her parents raised her in a storage unit. Away from schools, people and the basic needs of everyday life. She and her siblings were left in a space the size of a garage most of her childhood, Jodi didn't learn to read until later in life.

Jodi Jill Works With Teachers Across the World Delivering Talks to Schools Digitally (Using Skype, Bing and Google Hangouts) on Literacy

Her desire to share words with others comes from what she herself has found in books. Learning how the world works, opening her eyes to the amazement of our earth and giving her a chance to be part of what society today offers.

Her mission in life is simple: Enjoy what words can give you (and then make more words for others). Her journey has been one of determination. Her desire is to inspire others looking at insurmountable odds to make their lives better. And above all share her voice with the world (using words of course).

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Check out Jodi's daily writing on her site. And learn more about her story with her life being highlighted in Marie Claire.